PRO-FIND15 - Minelab



(Note; If you are wanting a pinpointer for gold prospecting then the more sensitive PRO-FIND 35 is a far better option)
A PRO-FIND Series Pinpointer is an essential part of your detecting tool kit. Great performance, excellent value!

PRO-FIND Series pinpointer helps you to accurately locate targets inside a small hole or crevice where a metal detector coil cannot fit. This results in smaller holes, less environmental disruption and faster target recovery time.


1. Splash proof design - Rugged, splash proof design for rainy conditions. The perfect companion for a waterproof detector.

2. Audio indication - Audio tones intensify as the probe approaches the target, making target location easier than ever.

3. High visibility, with lost-alarm - The PRO-FIND is bright and easily visible, so you won’t leave it behind after you dig.

4. Holster included - A tough, semi-rigid holster attaches to any belt to keep your PRO-FIND at the ready.

PRO-FIND 15 Includes:
* PRO-FIND 15 pinpointer
* Holster
* Multi-language instructions

If you would like even more great features, try the PRO-FIND 35. It is waterproof, has Ferrous Tone ID, and more!


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