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Christmas break starts Thursday, December 23rd, until Monday January 17th 2022. Postage will unfortunately be on Mondays only in this period.

Minelab 15"DD suit X-TERRA 3.0kHz

by Minelab
Original price $285.00 - Original price $285.00
Original price
$285.00 - $285.00
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3.0 kHz

15" X-TERRA coil in 3.0 kHz is the perfect all-rounder

Coil specifications

  • All 15" X-TERRA coils frequencies are fully waterproof
  • Lightweight with a robust construction
  • Easy pinpointing
  • DD configuration Good stability and sensitivity
  • All coils include cable
  • All coils supplied with fitted skid plate


Compatible Metal Detectors

X-TERRA 705 Gold Pack




This is a genuine Minelab spare part.