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The Booty booster is a reasonably new item and consists of a booster, curly cord and a 9 volt battery.

The booster operates for around 2 to 3 days on a battery and a rechargeable one would be recommended for constant use. The sound quality is very good with excellent response and volume. A control knob adjusts the output volume, with an input jack and a speaker/headphone output jack fitted. There is a clip fitted to the back to allow attachment onto a harness or strap.

This unit is compatible with detectors that have a standard 1/4" audio output socket and can be used on other machines with the correct adaptor. The SDC can use this item with the adaptor cable available - 


There are also rechargeable versions now available that have an inbuilt Lithium Ion battery. The supplied cable in the kit recharges it from a USB source and there is an inbuilt LED charging indicator. These can be purchased as a booster or a kit with a single or dual speaker.



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