Armrest Cover - SDC2300




SDC Armrest cover

Does the SDC2300 armrest on your detector fold in when you go to put your arm into it? Does it fold in when you wera a long sleeve shirt? Would you like to fix that issue without destroying the foldability or the looks of the machine.

This is the solution for you. This Minelab armrest cover is made from neoprene and fits over the armrest holding it open. The neoprene will stop the sections folding in on themselves. The recommendation is to simply slide it over the armrest ears when you want to use your detector, and remove it when you don't.

It can be left in place and the detector will still fold up, but it may crease over time and lose it effectiveness, as a fold line may appear one the side that folds under the shaft. I have been using this item for the last 3 months and find it very effective, convenient and easy.

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