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Christmas break starts Thursday, December 23rd, until Monday January 17th 2022. Postage will unfortunately be on Mondays only in this period.

Nuggetfinder 14" x 9" Evolution Mono Coil

Original price $525.00 - Original price $525.00
Original price
$525.00 - $525.00
Current price $525.00
14" x 9" elliptical
Anything else is a compromise.
You will not find another Gold Detector coil that matches a Nugget Finder for Quality and Design...
  • Foam infused Spiral Winding
  • Litz Wire
  • High Density Divinycell Foam Core
  • O-Ring Sealed Cable
  • Fully bonded & Tapered ABS housing
  • Polycarbonate Shaft Mount
  • Waterproof to 1 meter
  • 3 Year Warranty

This is the 14" x 9" round Evolution coil that is excellent on small gold with the spiral winding.

Note: Generally, small coils have a more intense and concentrated magnetic field so are more sensitive to small shallower targets. Large coils have a broader magnetic field and are suited to looking for larger targets at depth.

Water Protection:
Waterproof to a depth of 500 mm.

Approximately 790 grams.

Litz wire in a spiral wound configuration.

Compatible Metal Detectors:
GPX5000, GPX4800, GPX4500, GPX4000,
GP3500, GP3000, GP Extreme,
SD2200v2, SD2200d, SD2100v2, SD2100e, SD2000