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Welcome to Towers Prospecting World, your go to store in North Queensland for anything Minelab.
Welcome to Towers Prospecting World.

Suggested settings for the GPX4500 and 5000

I get asked about settings for the 4500/5000 detectors constantly, so I put the settings I used as go-to in a table for my customers. They are conservative but work well. I see some very radical settings from time to time and who am I to contradict them if they do the job for the operator, but these should make your detector run nicely and work well. People can modify them to suit their needs as they wish.

Here are some tables with decent settings for the GPX4500 and the GPX5000. Think of them as having 3 different detectors available by simply switching the Search Mode switch from Deep (larger coil looking for deeper bits) to General (everyday mode) to Custom (called Patch in the Menu unless it has been changed - for noisy EMI days).

For the GPX4500

And for the GPX5000

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