Nuggetfinder 25" DDX Coil
Nuggetfinder 25" DDX Coil

Nuggetfinder 25" DDX Coil

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25" open DD coil
Anything else is a compromise.
  • Fantastic Depth on Large Gold combined with Massive Ground Coverage at Full Depth 
  • Ability to run Normal Soil Timing in Highly Mineralised Ground (GPX Series)
  • Super Strong Polycarbonate Reinforced Shaft Mount
  • Pressure Regulated ABS Shell
  • Divinycell Core  
  • Combination of Spiral & Bundle Windings
  • Litz Wire
  • Water Resistant to 1m
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Weight Approx 1650g


This coil would suit the more Experienced Prospector searching for Large Gold (5oz+) in Highly Mineralised ground or for Treasure Hunters looking for Depth and Coverage

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