Furnace - mains electric




1500 watt furnace

This 240 volt furnace has an on/off switch and a separate on/off switch for the heaters. Set the desired temperature on the display screen and use the supplied 1 kg (of gold) crucible to melt the metal. There are 0.5 kg, 2 kg and 3 kg crucibles are available for lother melt sizes.

I personally use one of these and find it will melt 700 grams of gold in about 30 minutes. Once hot, it can then melt 700 grams in about 5 minutes, so it is a quick operating furnace.

The package comes with the furnace, a 1 kg crucible and spacer plate, gloves, tongs to remove the hot crucible and pour the contents, dark glasses and instructions. Our supplier carries spare parts for these and can do repairs if the need arises.

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