Coiltek 17" x 11" DD coil
Coiltek 17" x 11" DD coil

Coiltek 17" x 11" DD coil

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Please note - This coil is no longer a stock item with the advent of the predominant use of mono style coils. We can order it in for you.

Coiltek DD design coil.

With its excellent detecting capabilities you will find that this coil will ensure you have a great chance in the field as it will search deep as well as seeing the smaller sub gram targets quite easily. By keeping the coil close to the ground (no more that 1 inch above) you will find that the 0.1 gram nuggets can be heard at a couple of inches which is proving that the coil has good sensitivity. When pinpointing, slowly work up to the target and listen for the first response heard. Usually this is within the first inch in from the tip of the coil. Then repeat the process at 90 degrees from the first direction. Once you have a crosshair view of the location it becomes a lot easier to accurately dig for the target. The DD PRO allows the operator to have quiet operation in the heavier mineralised areas ensuring faint target responses are heard. Needing only to overlap the coil by one third, this coil can cover the ground quickly due to its elliptical shape making this a great choice for the more open areas in the detecting field. This is a good medium-sized patch hunting coil.

Weighs 1070 grams

Applicable metal detectors:

Minelab SD Series

Minelab GP Series

Minelab GPX series


Good ground coverage

Very robust design

Good pinpointing ability

Good maneuverability around tight areas

Well balanced

Excellent sensitivity and depth capabilities

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