B&Z Booster Kit suit SDC2300
B&Z Booster Kit suit SDC2300
B&Z Booster Kit suit SDC2300
B&Z Booster Kit suit SDC2300

B&Z Booster Kit suit SDC2300

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The B & Z Booster set up is an Australian Made product that has been tried and tested for around 10 years now.

The sound quality is excellent and the booster has more than enough grunt to run the dual speakers.

The booster has a bypass switch that dulls the output for the times you want to be secretive, or to dull the detector start up noise.

These units will last 40 or more hours on 2 x AAA batteries.

This booster can be used on the new SDC2300 as it has the additional lead required to fit the detector.

This kit contains one adaptor cable that has the special SDC headphone connector, one curly cable that plugs directly to the adaptor cable at one end, and to the booster "battery" socket at the other end, one booster assembly, and one set of dual speakers that plug into the "headphone" socket on the booster.

The SDC2300 detector shown in the image is for demonstration purposes and is not included in the kit.

The curly cable can be used with the booster and speakers to directly connect to any of the GPX series batteries and allow the use of a speakers system on your GPX4000, GPX4500 or GPX5000.

All of the B&Z boosters we stock now have replaceable input cables, which is now a curly cord as it makes the booster more versatile. Select the option you need for a booster and speaker, or a booster and dual speakers.

I also used this system on my SDC2300 and GPX5000, utilising the same backpack for both machines, and use it on my GPZ7000 also.

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